Google Adwords Certification – Complete Guidelines on Adwords Certification Exam

google adwords certification

Do you want to grab success running an online advertising campaign? If yes, then you should not forget unveiling the benefits of an Google Adwords Certification course. Yes, you need to get your expertise certified by Google. The Google Adwords certification can be considered as an official accreditation that giant search engine offers to people who demonstrate their proficiency in fundamentals as well as advanced elements of Google Adwords.

A Google adwords certification enables people to demonstrate that giant search engine officially recognizes them as a great expert in internet advertising. Moreover, you may earn the official certification via Google’s official online Google adwords certification training or course.

Are you getting a bit confused? If so, then here you will know the key advantages of getting Google Adwords certified expert. You will learn how to get officially certified for adwords certification. You will know various methods to use your Google adwords certification to gain career or business growth.

Google Adwords Certification – How to Start for Adwords Certification

In case of not having an academy for official ads account, you are advised to access an official adwords assessment program. Remember, an adwords assessment exam is needed to become a certified Google adwords expert. So, first of all you need to learn how to create an account with “academy of ads” to grab adwords certification. For this, you first need to do research about adwords certification exam.

So, What Are the Benefits/Advantages of Earning Google Adwords Certification?

If you want to earn google adwords certification, you first need to be a member of popular Google partners program. So, if you are already into a Google partners program, you can easily go for the adwords certification exam. But what are the benefits of getting certified for the adwords? If this is also your question, you should check out stated below points.

1 – You Can Evaluate Your Expertise

One of the key benefits of getting certified for certification Google adwords is that you can showcase your expertise your existing as well as potential clients. It is certainly a great option to go with when it comes to showing your expertise on online advertising world.

2 – You Can Easily Earn Google Premier or Partner Badge

In order to earn either Google partner or Google premier badge, organizations or companies are required at least one of their official affiliated members should be Google adwords certified. So, if you want to know the requirements to earn official Google partner badge, you first need to unveil the power of Google adwords certification.

So, How Does the Google AdWords Certification Actually Work?

When an individual setup an official academy for Google ads account, he/she gets access to the cost-free adwords certification evaluation and associated learning ways that he/she may utilize to learn for official assessments.

If you want to be an adwords certified, you first need to go through the adwords certification exam. Apart from going through basic assessment, you also need to go through an additional advertising exam. Here, you need to remember that the additional assessments could be shopping advertising, video advertising, mobile advertising, display advertising, and yes search advertising.

How Many Languages Can Be Used to Pass a Google Adwords Certification Exam?

If you are looking for adwords Google certification, you should not forget going through an adwords certification course. Since it is about learning a new skill, you would surely like to learn it in your own language. So, you would surely like to know about the languages used in going through Google adwords certification assessment online.

Actually, there are total 19 official languages that can be used to participate in Google adwords certification examination. These languages are stated below.

  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Dutch
  • English (US)
  • English (UK)
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese
  • Thai
  • Spanish (Latin America)
  • Vietnamese
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

Do I Need to Get Certified for One Time Only?

Obviously the simplest answer to this most asked question is a big no. If you are assuming that by passing Google adwords certification for a single time, you could be able to showcase your expertise lifetime, you need to get rid of this assumption.

Your official adwords certification would remain valid till the product arena evaluation (for instance, search advertising) expires. So, when your product area evaluation expires, you are required to go through reassessment of both the adwords basic assessment as well as evaluation test of expired product arena evaluation to keep your Google adwords certification legal.

How to Communicate My Google Adwords Certification Status?

When you successfully complete your adwords certification course, you are given certification google adwords. Now, the question arises here how you can use this certification.  Since your adwords certification communicates that you are an officially certified advertising professional, you can use it for your benefits. Let’s check out how you can use Adwords certification to gain benefits out of the same.

  • You can tell your clients that Google adwords recognizes you as a certified advertising professional.
  • Since you have grabbed this certification google adwords after successfully passing the Adwords exam, you can display the certificate regarding the same.
  • You can easily showcase that you are a certified professional when it comes to product area expertise.
  • You are officially allowed to display your certification when it comes to showcasing your online profile.

How to Crack Google Adwords Certification Exam

Having gone through aforementioned detailed information about Google adwords certification, now you must want to learn how to pass adwords certification exam. If you want to learn how to complete assessment for grabbing certification Google adwords, you need to look at nowhere else but an adwords certification course.

Yes, you are advised to choose a right course to crack adwords certification exam. For this, you may join a training institute. There are various digital marketing institutes that can help professionals getting Google Adwords certified. If you also want to be a Google certified advertising professional, you should not forget unlocking the benefits of joining a digital marketing institute online.