SEO 2018 Trends – How to Rank a Website Fast in Google

SEO 2018 Trends

Whether you are running a shopping store or a blog, you would always like to make it as much popular as possible. For this, you need to unlock the power of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others. However, it is quite easy to start a website, but it is certainly a difficult task to accomplish when it comes to securing the first position for your website in SERP. How to rank faster in Google or other search engines result pages? For this, you need to look at nowhere else but SEO 2018 trends. Since Google always keeps updating or altering algorithm, you need to be ready to adopt new search engine optimization strategies.

SEO 2018 Trends – Get Rid of Usual Techniques

The most common practice to get your site ranked for a keyword is to use the keyword on top positions. For instance, the keyword should be included into title tag, Meta description, image alt. subheading, and many more. Of course there was a time when Google simply ranked a site following this rule, but now it has changed the game. Here, one point should be noted that Google is still using this SEO trend, but it is not of great use.

Now, Google concentrate on ranking a site with great in-depth content. However, it is true that you should add keywords to your lengthy content, but it doesn’t mean that your content should be keywords oriented. Google looks for content that simply provides adequate information about a certain problem. If you publish problem-solving content on your site, you can easily boost your ranking in the search engine result pages. You can keep practicing stuffing keywords in title tag, description, etc. but you also need to provide great user-oriented content.

CTR Is a New SEO Trend in 2018

CTR i.e. click through rate is an important aspect of ranking a website among the top search engine result pages. It is considered as the best SEO trend in 2018. For instance, if you search for a certain keyword in Google or other search engine, you would usually like to click on top 3 results on the page. But the problem arises when users simply visit the top results and move to another one. The key reason behind it is that they don’t find desired content on these sites. Thus, they click on the fourth result that offers great content. So, users keep staying and reading content on the fourth site. Google notice that users start clicking on the fourth site and spending their time on the site, thus, it will simply boost the ranking of the fourth site.

Having analyzed the aforementioned example, it can be said that now Google loves ranking sites with great content. If you derive organic traffic towards your site using different SEO techniques especially black hat ones, you are not likely to stick with the first position on the Google. Since you don’t have control over users or visitors, you will have to cope with negative CTR. Always remember that CTR is a major ranking factor when it comes to analyzing SEO trends in 2018.

SEO 2018 Trends – Do I Still Need to Create Backlinks?

There is great buzz about this point. When it comes to analyzing SEO 2018 trends, most of the experts claim that only quality backlinks work. Now, the question arises here what are the best quality backlinks? Should you go with .gov, .edu and other high-quality backlinks? Actually, there was a time when backlinks from a .gov and .edu sites could rank a site instantly, but now it is of no use. Or in other words, now there is no guarantee for the ranking. So, how do I rank my site in 2018? For this, you need to know about the most effective SEO trends in 2018.

There is no doubt that despite of your quality content; you may not be able to rank your site just because of no backlinks. However, there are experts who say that backlinks can automatically be created if you write high-quality of content, but it is not a complete truth. If you don’t create backlinks yourself, you may not be able to grab desired results. Now, the question arises here what types of backlinks you need to rank your website on the top search engine result pages? For this, you need to concentrate on creating niche-related backlinks. For instance, if your website is all about hybrid laptop, you need to get backlinks from the sites with similar content. It means that the backlinks you create should be from a site that has already content related to computer, laptop and similar devices. Always remember, niche-specific guest posting, social sharing and other marketing techniques can help you deriving more targeted traffic than ever before.

SEO 2018 Trends – Are You Ignoring Mobile Users?

The recent study shows that most of the online users prefer visiting at website using their smartphone. Thus, if you want to tap online business world, you must first look for ways to attract mobile users. You need to get your website redesigned in such a way that it could easily be opened on different types of tiny devices such as smartphone, android, iPhones, tablets, and many more.

YouTube Is the Best SEO Trend in 2018

One of the most effective SEO 2018 trends is the YouTube. There is no doubt that YouTube is considered as the one of the biggest source of finding real organic traffic. Thus, if you want to grab success in the online world, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of this giant video search engine or video sharing site. So, you are advised to create a channel on YouTube so that you can easily redirect lots of quality traffic towards your website.

It is observed that most of the users simply want to watch video instead of reading article on computer or mobile screen. For instance, if you want to learn how to create a website, you won’t like to go through a lengthy article. Instead, you would surely find a video tutorial about the same an easy-to-understand option. So, YouTube is certainly the best source of deriving huge traffic towards your money site.

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